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Traveling when Pregnant with Twins

Posted on 31 March 2020 by (0)

Despite what some may think, there is generally no danger in traveling when you are pregnant with twins. Even women pregnant with triplets can still enjoy safe and remarkable trips across the world. But, you should keep in mind the following tips to avoid any unnecessary risks along the way. 

Discuss the Travel Plans with Your Doctor 

Before the trip, you should first consult with your doctor about your fitness for travel. Pregnancies often carry various symptoms and complications that could compromise your trip if they are not properly addressed in advance.  The doctor will conduct a few examinations to determine your health and that of the baby. 

Based on your health status, the doctor may recommend therapies or prescribe medications to keep you safe during the trip. In case your pregnancy has certain risks or complications, the doctor may also advise you to delay or cancel the trip. 

Check with Your Airline about the Rules for Pregnant Travelers

Pregnant women can travel freely in all commercial and private flights. However, airlines have slightly different policies regarding when it is safe for pregnant women to travel. Today, many airlines advise the best time to travel during pregnancy is before the 37th week. For women pregnant with twins, new rules stipulate flying before the 32nd week. 

That means you may not be able to fly with some airlines if your pregnancy is older than 37 weeks. That is why it is important to first check with the airline before booking. 

Emphasize Comfort 

Traveling can be very exhausting for pregnant mothers carrying twins. That could badly affect your adventure. To avoid that, you should choose comfortable seats, wear light and loosely fitting clothes, drink plenty of water and take time to stretch your legs a bit during stops along the way. 

Traveling when pregnant with twins should be a fun experience and, an opportunity to create new lasting memories. The above tips are your best bet for safe and memorable trips during pregnancy.