How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

Posted on 13 December 2018 (0)

To those who view travelling as an expensive hobby, living on $50 a day might seem like a big joke. But, a blogger from Auto Masters Collision Center says we are here to show you that it is indeed possible. In fact, many travelers have gone on multiple trips across the globe, living on just $50 a day. In that context, below are the best ways on how to enjoy traveling the world on a budget of $50 a day.

Pack Lightly

Baggage fees can cost you a lot of money when traveling. Considering you want to keep your budget to only $50 a day, it is important to pack a light baggage. With a light luggage, you will not be subjected to huge fees for baggage handling during your trip, thereby keeping your spending on the low.

Know the Exchange Rates

Knowing the exchange rates beforehand will help you to plan well on how much you will need during the stay. When making withdrawals from ATMs or banks only take what you really need.

Plan Your Activities in Advance

Before you set out for the trip, decide on the activities that you will be engaged in upon arrival at the destination. When doing this, be sure to choose activities that you will be able to enjoy on the set budget. While you may come across certain interesting activities on the road, try to be keen so you do not jeopardize the budget.

Stay Longer

It is always the desire of every traveler to see and do as much as possible while on the road. However, this does not mean you should hurriedly hop from one city or town to another. Doing so would only cost you more than expected. The longer you stay at a given place, the higher your chances of obtaining opportunities for cutting travel costs.

Traveling the world on $50 a day might be a tough experience to some. But, it is no doubt a great way to enjoy the pleasures of the world without breaking the bank.


Useful Vegans Travel Tips

Posted on 26 July 2019 (0)

Being a vegan doesn’t mean travel should be hard or impossible for you. Essentially, you don’t have to confine yourself within the boundaries of your home. You can still explore the world and enjoy amazing travel experiences. Here are useful vegans travel tips to guide you.

Find Apartments or Hostels with Kitchens

Booking an apartment or hostel with a kitchen allows you to cook while traveling. This enables you to stick to your diet while away from home. It also lets you prepare your favorite foods away from home. Finding accommodation with a kitchen at your destination might even be easier than you can imagine.

Prepare Ahead

In some places, stores that sell health foods can be far and few. Therefore, consider bringing things like coconut oil, B12, probiotics, spirulina, or macha from home. You can also stock them up once you find a health food store that sells vegan goodies.

Carry Some Items

Save some space in your bag to carry items that you pick up on the road. Some of these items can be difficult to find in some places. You don’t want to leave some items behind and end up regretting on arriving at your destination. Therefore, if you find items like salt, curry powder, brown rice and olive oil, consider buying them if you will need them at your destination.

Shop at the Local Grocery Stores

Local grocery stores in most parts of the world have the best produce selection. Farmers’ markers feature the most diverse and freshest local ingredients. You can purchase these at great prices and use them to prepare vegan meals.

Don’t Be Afraid to Request Changes

In most cases, vegans have to request for menu item changes whenever they dine out. Don’t be afraid of requesting changes if necessary. For instance, feel free to request a restaurant to substitute bacon with veggies. Most professionals in international restaurants and hotels will understand your request.

The most important vegans travel tips is to be who you are. Don’t try to be somebody else or eat something you don’t like because you can’t find a vegan diet at your destination. Follow these tips and you will have an enjoyable trip.

The Best Time to Visit Anywhere

Posted on 28 April 2019 (0)

Although savvy travelers will tell you that there is no wrong time to travel, there are some times that traveling is just not fun. Imagine packing for a summer holiday only to find a different kind of weather in your destination. Besides, there are also some times when the airfares are just so high, making traveling very costly. To avoid such disappointments and save more on your trips, it is important that you know how to determine the best time to travel anywhere.

Use the Weather to Know the Best Time to Travel

Weather is one of the best mediums that you can use to calculate the right time to travel the world. Generally, people have different preferences when it comes to their ideal weather for travel. However, the most suitable weather for touring the world is moderate temperatures. Besides, it is also advisable when there is little to no rain. The weather may not be experienced throughout the year but, should occur at the destination at least every week.

Today, there is automated travel planning tools that travelers can even use online to determine the weather in various parts of the world in real time. The tools can provide date about the temperatures from anywhere in the world. If you have already chosen a travel destination but, not sure about the best time to head out, checking the weather can make it easier to tell the periods when the weather is likely to suit you.

Plan Trips Based on Your Travel Goals

Apart from the weather, your travel goals can also help determine the best time to go on excursions. There are renowned events that usually take place regardless of the weather like the New York City’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thanksgiving Day. Even if the weather may seem terrible, it should not stop you from traveling. Sometimes, you might just find the experience much fun.

The decision on when to travel rests with the traveler. However, keeping the above tips in mind when planning your next excursion can help you make informed decisions on the best time to set off, ensuring a memorable adventure.


How to Travel When Passport Is Being Renewed

Posted on 27 December 2018 (0)

Travelling overseas require that one must have a valid passport. And, this begs the question; can one travel when their passport is being renewed? The general rule is that one cannot travel abroad if their passport is invalid. Whenever you apply for a passport renewal in the US, the authorities invalidate the current one. This means you will have to wait until the new one is issued in order to travel overseas.

Generally, travelling when your passport is under renewal can be very tricky. Below are some pointers to help you get your bearing whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

Know Your Options at the US Embassy or Consulate

Whether you apply for the renewal of your passport before the trip or while on the road, the US embassy or consulate is your only line of defense. Photocopies of passports are never accepted and, one must have a valid original passport in order to travel. After making an application for a new passport with the US embassy, you will be required to wait for about four to six weeks before a new one is issued.

However, there are circumstances whereby you may not have the time to wait for that long. In such cases, the best avenue to pursue is to apply for an expedited passport renewal. If the application is done via mail, it could take between two to three weeks. You can either make the application independently or through an expediting service provider. If you submit the application at a regional passport office, the process can be done in one day.

Renewing your passport through a regional agency or an expediting service is usually the quickest way to get the document finalized and ready for travel. If you are not in a hurry, you can just go through the normal process. Overall, you will not be able to travel internationally during the period when your passport is being renewed.


How to Travel the World for a Year

Posted on 07 December 2018 (0)

Traveling around the world for twelve months can be fulfilling encounter. However, it also comes with its perks that might leave you exhausted and financially drowned. Despite these, experiencing the world for an entire year is a rare opportunity that you should never think twice about whenever it knocks. You only need to be keen on planning to make sure that it is fun and refreshing. Below, we discuss some of the tips on how to successfully travel the world for a year.

Make Sure You Carry Travel Essentials

Although it is always advisable to pack lightly, there are some essentials that you should have in hand. These include toiletries, all weather clothing, first aid kid, travel insurance, phone, valid passport and visa. Besides, you should also have enough money to support you for the entire period of the trip. Owing to the long stay, the best way to carry the money is electronic although you will need to make cash withdrawals from time to time.

Book Flights and Accommodation Early

While you may want to be flexible when travelling, failing to do bookings in advance can sometimes impact lots of inconveniences and, even cost more money. Early bookings are usually cheaper and will also ensure that you are never stranded.

Diversify Your Excursions

One year is a long period of time and it can be quite boring if you are seeing and doing the same things over and over. So, try to plan your trips such that you can get new experiences to keep you happy and motivated throughout the trip. Visit unique attractions and indulge in different fun activities. Besides, you may also want to integrate group tours with solo travels.

If most of the travels are in groups, try going on a solo travel at least once for a unique adventure. Solo travels offer greater freedom and also teach you self discipline.

The tips discussed above can go a long way in ensuring more enjoyable trips around the world for a year and even beyond. But, you should also do further research to learn how to adapt to different environments during long haul travels.