How to Travel the World for a Year

Posted on 07 December 2018 (0)

Traveling around the world for twelve months can be fulfilling encounter. However, it also comes with its perks that might leave you exhausted and financially drowned. Despite these, experiencing the world for an entire year is a rare opportunity that you should never think twice about whenever it knocks. You only need to be keen on planning to make sure that it is fun and refreshing. Below, we discuss some of the tips on how to successfully travel the world for a year.

Make Sure You Carry Travel Essentials

Although it is always advisable to pack lightly, there are some essentials that you should have in hand. These include toiletries, all weather clothing, first aid kid, travel insurance, phone, valid passport and visa. Besides, you should also have enough money to support you for the entire period of the trip. Owing to the long stay, the best way to carry the money is electronic although you will need to make cash withdrawals from time to time.

Book Flights and Accommodation Early

While you may want to be flexible when travelling, failing to do bookings in advance can sometimes impact lots of inconveniences and, even cost more money. Early bookings are usually cheaper and will also ensure that you are never stranded.

Diversify Your Excursions

One year is a long period of time and it can be quite boring if you are seeing and doing the same things over and over. So, try to plan your trips such that you can get new experiences to keep you happy and motivated throughout the trip. Visit unique attractions and indulge in different fun activities. Besides, you may also want to integrate group tours with solo travels.

If most of the travels are in groups, try going on a solo travel at least once for a unique adventure. Solo travels offer greater freedom and also teach you self discipline.

The tips discussed above can go a long way in ensuring more enjoyable trips around the world for a year and even beyond. But, you should also do further research to learn how to adapt to different environments during long haul travels.


Hubs for Your Kids While Visiting Kigali Rwanda

Posted on 26 November 2018 (0)

Rwanda is a fabulous destination for wildlife and adventure. Although its name will always be a reminder of the genocide tragedy during the 1994 civil war, Rwanda has risen from the ashes and is standing tall as its current president. The infrastructure and life expectancy are improving by the day. From the year 2000, average life expectancy has risen from 47 to 60 years in Rwanda.

Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, is literally the heart of the country, being right at the centre. The clean, lively, tidy and elevated city sprawls across many hills, lush valleys and ridges and its vibrant restaurants are a sight to behold at night.

With the crime levels low, Rwanda is relatively safe to come and explore with reasonable confidence, so long you don’t penetrate too deep on the borders with Burundi and DRC. You can drink its water and eat its food without fear of typhoid or cholera. The same cannot be said about some countries around it.

It is easy to get into Rwanda; no much paperwork while applying for a visa. All you need is your passport and $30. Furthermore, the immigration officials accept MasterCard and Visa transactions, so no inconvenience if you didn’t exchange money before the trip.

Maybe you are traveling for corporate purposes, holiday or meetings and you plan to bring your children along. If you are traveling with your kids, it is even better for most fun hubs in Rwanda are catered for the whole family.

The following retreats will be perfect retreats for you and your kids:

Volcanoes National Park

Rwanda is partly famous for its mountain gorillas, which are many at the Volcanoes National Park. Most people travel to Rwanda to trek with the endangered mountain gorillas. Your kids will love this experience. If you believe in evolution, a walk with gorillas is a walk with your real brothers.

Akagera National Park

At Akagera National Park, your family will get an opportunity to pitch a tent and camp in the fenced section. If you don’t bring your own tent, you can rent one. You also get firewood and freshwater. Seated by the fire under the star-lit night, your kids will be thrilled by the sounds of zebras, buffaloes, lions, giraffes and many surrounding the camp. Then you can sleep under the stars.

The Go Kigali City Bus Tour

You can take your kids on a full-day bus tour of Kigali to experience the city’s incredible heritage. From a place where your kids can ride on a water taxi, the trip goes as far as Mount Kigali from where you can view down on the vibrant city and the beautiful countryside. There are stops also at various eateries where your


You should visit Rwanda in the dry season, which is between June and September. But you can also visit in the wet season when the landscape assumes a gorgeous landscape whose view will stun you. With the improving infrastructure, you can easily explore the many reserves across the country dedicated to the conservation of wildlife